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Making the warfighter mission safer, simpler, and more lethal.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy boils down to some very basic concepts that we are dedicated to. We’ve been the guys pounding ground, in the dust, going through the door. Everything we do has the voice of our customer involved from the outset. We deployed with trunks full of useless accessories that served no practical purpose so we don’t innovate for innovation’s sake. Our technologies have to solve real problems for real people. We also believe in accelerating our product development cycles to speed the time to fielded solutions. We achieve this with world class American partners in design, manufacturing and logistics. This lets us focus on solving the next big problem. Not complicated, it’s just the right way to do it.

Our Inspiration

At Battle Sight our spirit of innovation is derived from our close connection with our warfighter customers and their communities. To support them effectively we have to go where the customer is. We go to their bases, sit in team rooms and briefings, we head into the desert, the ocean, the flight line and board aircraft and boats alongside them. We ask about their challenges, technology gaps and mission needs. This is the genesis for our advancement of innovative solutions. Our customers are highly intelligent, highly motivated, demand excellence and are incredibly purpose driven. They inspire us each day to make their missions safer, simpler and more lethal. We serve them.

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If you’re a warfighter, first responder, or law enforcement officer in need of a field-specific solution or simply wish to inquire about our wide-range of tactical products, contact us today.

What Our
Are Saying

Air Force Combat Rescue Officer (CRO), July 2022

Of all the concepts in the technology portfolio, BST’s power management technology is the one I am most excited about.”

US Navy SEAL, Coronado

It’s hard to fathom how I’ve not been aware of this [CrayTac] technology before today.”

US Air Force HH-60 Pilot (Lt Col), July 2022

BST’s ability to get a signal 150 feet above the surface, is a huge game changer for us.”


The biggest success of the exercise was the floating IR (NightFall IR) tabs brought out by Battle Sight Tech that could be seen by NVGs from the aircraft.”

Joseph T. Guastella, Lieutenant General, USAF

After two decades of successfully executing a wide range of Personnel Recovery (PR) missions in both semi-permissive ground and permissive air environments, the Combat Air Force must refocus its Combat Rescue Force on recovery of isolated personnel in denied or contested environments.”

USAF Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD)

CrayTac IR marking technology is very useful for many of our operational situations.”

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Battle Sight is looking for solution-driven individuals wishing to participate in the modern advancement of military defense, first responder, and emergency management technology.

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